Xinxin Fan

Xinxin Fan

Head of Cryptography



Dr. Xinxin Fan is the Founding Member and Head of Cryptography at IoTeX, a startup empowering the future machine economy with innovative combination of blockchain and IoT. He is responsible for directing the company’s strategy and product roadmap as well as developing the core technologies and IP portfolio. Before joining IoTeX, he was a Senior Research Engineer of the Security and Privacy Group at Bosch Research Technology Center North America. Dr. Xinxin Fan received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2010. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) from (ISC)².

  • Applied Cryptography
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Web 3.0
  • Cloud Security
  • IoT Security
  • Confidential Computing
  • PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2010

    University of Waterloo

  • MEng in Information System and Telecommunications Engineering, 2005

    Xidian University

  • BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2002

    Xidian University

Core Skills

Applied Cryptography
Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
Decentralized Identity
Web 3.0
IoT Security
Cloud Security
Confidential Computing


Head of Cryptography, Founding Member
Feb 2018 – Present Menlo Park, CA, USA
Bosch Research and Technology Center North America
Senior Research Engineer
Nov 2014 – Feb 2018 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
University of Waterloo
Research Associate and Project Manager
Sep 2010 – Aug 2014 Waterloo, ON, Canada
University of Waterloo
Postdoctal Fellow
May 2010 – Aug 2010 Waterloo, ON, Canada
University of Waterloo
Graduate Research Assistant
May 2006 – Apr 2010 Waterloo, ON, Canada

Industry Consortium & Standardization

Forbes Business Council is an invitation-only organization for successful small and mid-sized business owners. Members are respected leaders and executives who are selected for the council based on the depth and diversity of experience in leadership, management, customer engagement, technology and growth.
MOBI is a nonprofit alliance of many of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, along with many startups, NGOs, transit agencies, insurers, toll road providers, smart city leaders, and technology companies working to accelerate adoption and promote standards in blockchain, distributed ledgers, and related technologies.
The IEEE 2418.1 Standards Working Group provides a common framework for blockchain usage, implementation, and interaction with the Internet of Things (IoT). The framework addresses items such as security and privacy challenges with regards to Blockchain in IoT. Both permissioned IoT blockchain and permissionless IoT blockchain will be included in the framework.
The IEEE P2958 Standards Working Group defines a decentralized identity and access management (IAM) framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) based on the emerging concepts such as decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs). The framework addresses the integration of DIDs and VCs into the lifecycle of IoT devices as well as the decentralized IoT security services such as device authentication, data authorization and access control.
The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) brings together hardware vendors, cloud providers, and software developers to accelerate the adoption of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies and standards.
The Industrial Distributed Ledger Task Group at Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) is responsible for the creation, maintenance and adoption of technical documents addressing industrial distributed ledger technologies.

Industry Contributions

Recent Publications

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