Searchable Symmetric Encryption System and Method of Processing Inverted Index


A searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) system and method of processing inverted index is provided. The SSE system includes genKey, buildSecureIndex, genToken, and search operations. A compress X is integrated into at least one of the buildSecureIndex and search operations. The compress then X takes each entry of an encrypted index, compresses entry of the encrypted index into a compressed entry, and then processes the compressed entry with a function. The function comprises a linked list function and on array function. The search operation decompresses the processed entry and output the decompressed entry. The SSE comprises a client device and a server. The genKey, buildSecureIndex, and genToken operations are integrated into the client device and the search operation is integrated into the server.

United States Patent 11405192
Xinxin Fan
Xinxin Fan
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